Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Sister's Psycho Quilt

My sister Laura is a quilt artist. Normally, when you think of when you think of quilts, you think of geometric patterns and colonial designs. My sister's stuff, not so much. I was visiting with her last weekend, and we were talking about old movies.

She told me that she had been running in a challenge for her local quilt group, where everybody in the group would do a quilt built around a certain theme. It was her turn to pick the topic for the theme. She picked movies.

Her first thought was Fantasia. Then she found out that Disney was very picky about letting people use their characters. Not just picky, really, they didn't want people to use their characters at all. If they caught somebody using their characters, they would make them take down not just the single piece of art that had the Disney characters, but would shut down the entire show.

Since she didn't want to take a chance on having the show shut down, much less get sued by Disney, she had to come up with something else. She had already started the Fantasia quilt, so she decided to turn it into a Psycho quilt.

Makes perfect sense, right? Well, here it is.

Full quilt, size is about 3 feet square 

Detail – Owl, Patrolman, and Norman's eye

Detail – The Shower

Detail – The Fly, lettering in green is a bit hard to read, but says, "... she wouldn't even hurt a fly"

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