Friday, February 13, 2015

µ-Blog – My 15-Year-Old Daughter and the Dress

µBlog – Too long to tweet, too short to call a real post

My 15-year-old daughter is out of school today. Apparently they get a four-day weekend for Presidents Day. I poke my head in her room. She's sitting on the floor organizing one of her drawers. "I want to buy you a dress," I say. [She looks at me like I have snakes growing out of my ears.] "For the TCM Film Festival." [Apparently the snakes just got bigger or they're doing that thing with their tongues and hissing.] "Okay, I'm planning on getting that white dinner jacket. It's like a tuxedo. I think you should have a dress."

"But I like wearing sweats." she says.

"You wore a dress at your graduation."

"My middle school graduation?" [Still snakes]

"Yes, your middle school graduation." I say. "You wore a dress at your graduation and you survived it. Wearing a dress, that is. So I want to buy you a dress so that you look nice when I'm wearing a dinner jacket."

"Umm, I guess," she says under her breath. [Snakes got a little smaller; possibly wishful thinking on my part.]

Now, I love that we get along as well as we do. But as good as we get along, she's still 15. I just have to deal with that.

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