Friday, March 10, 2017

Classic Film T-Shirts - Totally Shameless Plug

T-shirts now available....

For the longest time I've been wanting to do some t-shirt designs, sort of a classic film take on teefury. If you don't know, is a site that sells t-shirts many of which are mashups of different pop culture items. For example, when I went there just now, one that jumped out at me was a design titled Baking Bad by an artist that goes by the handle of mikehandyart. It has Walter White from Breaking Bad done as the Pillsbury Doughboy. You can see it here

Well, my idea was to do more of less the same thing, but with classic films.  So far, I have a total of eight designs, ranging from Metropolis to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Maltese Falcon to Strangers on a Train. The shirts are available on a site called redbubble. They make the shirt and handle the transaction and shipping, and I make 20% off the sale.

So without any further to adieu, I give you the designs. First up, we have Gunsel, Elisha Cook, Jr., from The Maltese Falcon done in the style of the Shepard Fairey, Obama Hope poster. You can click on the title of the design to go and order the shirt.

Gunsel on shirt

Next in honor of The Graduate being shown at TCMFF, we have Danger! Mrs. Robinson!, featuring the robot from Lost in Space.

Danger! Mrs. Robinson!
Danger! Mrs. Robinson! on shirt

In the same vein as Gunsel above, we have Dingle, Charles Coburn from The More the Merrier. I might do others like this. For example, if I ever learn how to draw a wire-hair terrier, I might just have to do, Asta.

Dingle on shirt

Now, we move back to the silent era to see what Casual Friday would be like in Metropolis.

Casual Friday
Casual Friday on shirt 

It's the necktie t-shirt you always wanted, Bruno, Robert Walker, from Strangers on a Train.

Bruno, A Very Interesting Fellow
Bruno, A Very Interesting Fellow on shirt

Next, we have Screaming M, a mashup of Fritz Lang's M and a very famous image from Santa Cruz Skateboards, because when you think German expressionist cinema, you think, umm, skateboards.

Screaming M
Screaming M on shirt

On the last two, I did different versions of the art for light and dark shirts. Air Bolivia is a mashup of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Air Jordan. 

Air Bolivia
[Light colored shirt]
Air Bolivia on shirt
[Dark colored shirt]

Finally, we have Jefferson Randolph, Ray Milland, from The Big Clock. I love this movie, and I love this design. Unfortunately, I think it is too esoteric for most people. The wanted poster combines the info from the Crimeways magazine's system of irrelevant clues with the sketch Elsa Lanchester does of the culprit. If you get it, you'll love it. Most people are left scratching their heads. 

Wanted: Jefferson Randolph
[Light colored shirt]
Wanted: Jefferson Randolph
[Dark colored shirt]

Thanks for putting up with this. If you want to check out my redbubble home page, please go to

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