Monday, June 15, 2020

Hitchcockian Blogathon - Celebrating the Greatest Films Hitchcock Never Made

The Hitchcockian Blogathon focuses on the greatest films that Alfred Hitchcock never made. So what is Hitchcockian? Simply put, movies reminiscent of the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Prime examples in no particular order would include:

  • Charade
  • Cape Fear (either version)
  • Wait Until Dark 
  • Blow Up
  • Play Misty For Me
  • Body Double
  • Fatal Attraction
  • Basic Instinct
  • Match Point
There are no restrictions on era and genre, though if you're going to shoot for My Little Pony: The Movie, you better really sell it. Still, I would love to see someone do, The Wrong Trousers. I'm going stake my claim on a Whoopi Goldberg comedy, Jumpin' Jack Flash, and I might just do The Wrong Trousers as well if no one else does.

I'm going to allow duplicates, but not triplicates (two posts on the same film, but not three). 
If you're interested in joining in, post a comment on this page with your name, the name of the film you want to do, and of course the name and url of your blog. in terms of duplicates and triplicates, first comment first served.

The Hitchcockian Blogathon comes to near you on August 13 (Hitchcock's birthday, falls on a Thursday this year) and continues through the weekend to August 16.

When posting, please use the graphic above with a link back to this page. And I will add links to individual posts from here. 

Entries so far:

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