Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Blogathon from Another World Hits Near North Pole

Earlier this week, the official Blog of the Darned forward listening station at the North Pole picked up an unidentified object that crashed into the ice approximately 40 miles southeast of the station. I flew in and led a team of bloggers to the crash site. We discovered a large circular object buried in the ice. As a storm front was moving in, we had no choice but to attempt to free the object with thermite bombs. The object was destroyed, but the body of the sole passenger was recover encased in a large block of ice.

Acting on orders from the military high command, we were to make no attempt to free the alien creature from his icy tomb. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left an electric blanket on top of the block of ice overnight and thawed out the creature we dubbed, The Blogathon From Another World.

My bad. 

The Blogathon From Another World subsists entirely on mammal blood. In order to better understand the creature, a group of rogue bloggers attempted to clone the monster with the station's supply of blood plasma. Now, The Blogathon From Another World is unleashed on the interwebs. Already, posts on the best science fiction films from any era have begun to appear. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide links to new posts as they go live.

Posts after April 10

Posts from April 10

    Posts from April 9
    Posts before April 9
    Look for posts from:
    • 301 Words – Baseball writer Geoff Young steps out of the batter's box and looks at Serenity (2005) 
    • Blog of the Darned – That would be me. I'll be doing The Evolution of Movie Robots: Metropolis to Chappie 
    • BNoirDetour! – BNoirDetour looks at Dark City (1998)
    • Christy's Inkwells – Christy looks at Mysterious Island (1961)
    • CineMaven's ESSAYS from the COUCH – CineMavens brings us a Mara Corday Triple Feature, briefly covering three sci-fi classics from the 50's: The Black Scorpion (1957), Tarantula (1957), and The Giant Claw (1957).
    • F for Films – Josh Wilson looks at Tron (1982)
    • Film Perspective – Elise Sitzman tackles Contact (1997)
    • Horrible Imaginings Film Fest & Podcast – My San Diego homeboy Miguel Rodriguez and I will be doing a podcast on Frau im Mond (1929). Great suggestion, Miguel. This has been on my bucket list for a while.
    • In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood – Crystal takes on Spielberg's 1982 classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
    • Movie Movie Blog Blog – Steve Bailey looks at Spiderman 2 (2004), a film where the sequel surpasses the original
    • Serendipitous Anachronisms – Summer Reeves looks at the anime classic Akira (1988)
    • Speakeasy – Kristina looks at The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

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    you can see the full crawl here
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      1. Hi Chris! AKIRA is alive and Neo-Tokyo has exploded, once again. ;)

        1. Great, Thanks. I will read your post later, but the link to yours is now live.

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      3. Is it too late to submit, thought it was an October submission!

      4. What are the chances you are going to run this one again? I'm sorry I missed the first one. But already I'm excited about Phase II of it.