Friday, April 1, 2016

µ-Blog – Classic Horror Vinyl Figures

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I blame my friend, Anastasia. I'm not really big on toys. I appreciate they're cool and all, but I just don't even want to start. The other day Anastasia made that decision for me when she gave me an Alfred Hitchcock figure, the color one (there's a black-and-white variant too). These figures come in blind boxes. For non-toy people that means you don't know which one is in the box. Anastasia's motive was not quite as mercenary as a heroin dealer give someone their first fix free, though I can't say it was altruistic either. She wanted me to start buying them because she wanted someone t to trade her doubles with.

So I went to my comic store where my friend Didi works. They were 10 bucks each, so I only bought three. I opened them right there at the counter. The first one was The Fly.

Me: Oh, cool, The Fly, I wanted that one.

I opened the next one.

Me: Sweet, Nosferatu. I wanted that one too.

Didi: You're doing really good getting the classic ones. Here's hoping you get the black-and-white Hitchcock.

Me: Is that the rare one?

Didi said, yeah. For the non-toy people to get you buy more of them, they make less of certain ones. In this series, it's the black-and-white Hitchcock. I opened the last one. It was the black-and-white Hitchcock. I decided to buy one more. 

Me: I hope it's The Creature From the Black Lagoon. 

I opened the box. It was The Creature From the Black Lagoon.

I'm so doomed. 

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