Monday, March 7, 2016

TCMFF Boater

In 2014 , I was at a comic. I saw a guy with a straw cowboy hat, and he was having artist do sketches on it. It was such a cool idea I thought I had to steal it. That year at Comic-Con International, San Diego, I bought a Stetson and had the same thing done. The result of that endeavor is here

It turned out so well I decided to do a movie-themed hat last year for this year's TCM Classic Film Festival (TCMFF). I'd found a vintage boater hat on ebay. The style of a boater seemed to be more in keeping with TCMFF, though the texture of the hat was not as easy to work with as the Stetson. I put some blue tape on the hat so the artists could see where the hat band would go and work around it. I still need to get a new hat band made.

I started it at Wonder Con (got three pieces done) and continued at another convention (another three pieces). I had it finished at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The results are shown below with the artist and their individual sketches, more or less in the order they were done.

The hat
Still need to get a new hatband
Scott Loblish
TCM logo
Chuck Wojtkiewicz
King Kong

Alex Hoffman
North by Northwest
Larry Welz
Man with no name,
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Jamie Sullivan
The Shawshank Redemption
Mystery Artist, I took a picture of his
badge but it didn't have his name on it
Charlie Chaplin
Steve Lieber
Norma Desmond, Sunset Blvd.
Robert Roach
Sheriff Bart, Blazing Saddles
Dave Garcia
Batton Lash
Bride of Frankenstein
Ron Lim, didn't get his picture
Stan Yan
Ben Mankiewicz
Jimmie Robinson!
Phantom of the Opera
Howard Shum
Tinman, The Wizard of Oz
Michelle Delecki
Marilyn Monroe
Scott Zambelli
Planet of the Apes
Sue Dawe
cCreature From the Black Lagoon
Greg Espinoza, didn't get his picture
IW Miller
Thomas Yeates
Robot Maria, Metropolis
Alex Niño
Harold Lloyd
Eric Shanower
Lawrence of Arabia


  1. Love it! You should ask my hubby (an artist) to contribute when you see him at TCMFF! That is, if there's any room left.

  2. Thanks. Actually, there probably isn't really any space.