Monday, November 10, 2014

µBlog – Weekend Getaway

µBlog – Too long to tweet, too short to call a real post

This weekend I attended Bent Con (small LBGT-oriented comic convention) in beautiful downtown Burbank. Actually, it probably wasn't downtown Burbank, but how often do you get to say that? Not often, you bet your sweet bippy. Now being up in Burbank, puts me in fairly close proximity to Hollywood, which means I'm going to try to make it to Amoeba Music, probably the best record store on the West Coast. It didn't seem to be in the cards this time, because of a combination of circumstances and another event going on in Hollywood this weekend that would have to take precedence.

Circumstance was I was driving and supposed to give a friend of a friend (whom I'd never met) a ride to Bent Con. Not that I mind, really, but when you have a stranger in the car, you don't really want to make them run off with you on a personal errand. The other event was, the Bonhams : TCM Presents ... There's No Place Like Hollywood auction preview. Thus with giving a ride, I would only have Sunday morning, meaning I would have to do Amoeba the next time.

As it turned out, the friend of a friend had to cancel, meaning I got to do both, making me a very happy camper. On the way up, I did the auction preview, despite a 20 mile detour, due me thinking that there was a Sunset Blvd. exit off I-5 (should have taken 101, really need to start using that map thing in my phone). Then Sunday morning, went to Amoeba and spent way too much money on CDs.

It was a great weekend. Bent Con, the auction preview, and Amoeba were all a blast. I will posting more pictures later, once I get them out of my real camera. Below is just a tease.

Eva Marie Saint's shawl from North By Northwest

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