Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bonhams : TCM Presents ... There's No Place Like Hollywood Auction Preview

I went to the Bonhams/TCM auction preview in L.A. this weekend. It was so worth it. The trip up was a little weird. Bonhams is on Sunset Blvd, and I would have sworn that there was a Sunset exit off I-5. I would have been wrong, should have taken 101. I'm looking for the Sunset exit and I see Griffith Park, and I'm like, isn't that north of Hollywood, I must be thinking some other famous L.A. park. Then a couple minutes later I see a sign for Burbank Blvd. Okay, I am definitely too far North.

I get off at the next exit, and start heading west. I had mapped out the trip from the auction house to Burbank, and the bulk of the north/south was on Cahuenga, so I figure I could take that. At a certain point I got impatient, so I figured I'd take the next big street south. Turns out that was Hollywood Way. This took me past Warner Brothers, so I knew I was probably okay.

Eventually I got to 101, and took it about four or five exits to Sunset. Probably, added about 20 minutes to the trip.

These are the pictures. I only added captions to a handful of them.

Fun fact, a hiker found this in folliage
above Mount Rushmore

This is the one I want. Architectural detail
from Ghostbusters, Spook  Central. Measures
7 1/2" tall. Estimate says it will go for $500-$700.
Thinking it will be way more than that, dammit.

Marilyn Monroe dress. Can you imagine
her standing in front of you wearing that?

This is the other one I really like. Concept
art from The Great Race.

One of four pieces of The Great Race
concept art.

Second lot of The Great Race concept art

Cuddles Sakall tux jacket from Casablanca 

So you want to makeover the den in a
Casablanca theme, and money is no object

Witches were really a problem in 1939

Viennese Cinnamon, anyone?

Jimmy Stewart's flight suit from Spirit
of St. Louis

So, yeah, they have a few posters

As a postscript, I decided to buy the auction catalog on the way out. The woman at the desk said it was $35, so I handed her two twenties. She went in the back and came out and said they weren't set up to take cash. She ended up giving me the catalog. Score.

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