Friday, March 25, 2016

µ-Blog – Downtown Film Locations

µ-Blog – Too long to tweet, too short to call a real post

I was planning to do a TCMFF sidetrips about this, but since I'm up here and only have a tablet to work on, I thought I'd do a short post now and fill in the gaps later. We're up in Downtown LA for Wonder Con and had some time to explore. We made our way to The Bradbury Building, which put us close to The Million Dollar Theater (across the street), Angels Flight (couple blocks away), and the Second Street tunnel (couple blocks away in a slightly different direction). Plus, from there you're about six blocks from Little Tokyo. This is some of what we saw.

Interior Bradbury Building
Me and my lovely wife
Elevator and attrium 
Building across street from Bradbury
Angels Flight
Second Street tunnel

Million Dollar Theater

Relief on Million Dollar Theater building

Mmmm, really good ramen


  1. It's so surreal, because I walk past the Anthony Quinn mural every morning, and I could have been IN that orange bus cruising north on Olive, above the Second Street tunnel. LOL! Love these photos! Hope you guys had fun in my 'hood! P.S. Poor Angels Flight. It has had such a history, with being closed and opened and closed and opened. In fact, if you look at your picture of the Second Street tunnel, Angels Flight used to be on the left, where that huge balcony is. It was how people got over the tunnel. They eventually moved it to where it is now. Anyhoo, great post.

  2. Deborah, We walked from the LA Convention Center, mostly down Seventh and then up Broadway, which takes you past all these cool theater, that now sell athletic shoes and luggage at street level. I'll post more next week after I'm done with Wonder Con.