Tuesday, January 31, 2017

µ-Blog – Binge Watching

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Lately, I've been binge watching a lot of TV. Now if there is one single entity that is responsible for binge watching, it would have to be Netflix.

So when I'm binge watching on Netflix, about every fourth episode, it pops up this message that says:

Do you want to continue watching?

And it makes you click it before it will let me watch the next episode. Not only that, it doesn't load the continue watching thing until the credits completely finish, even though they've collapsed the credits so small you can't even read them. Like if you wanted to know who the guy at the bar was, you couldn't tell because it's so small. So you have to wait though the credits (you can't read) and the Fx logo and all that crap, and then it pulls up this thing that you have click through.

I'm like, Are you freaking kidding me? Don't you know I that I'm binge watching. You practically coined the term, yet you're stopping me right in the middle. Really?


  1. This reminds me of the Simpsons' episode where Marge gets addicted to gambling and the casino floor manager is required by law to ask her every 12 hours if she wants to continue.