Monday, February 8, 2016

µ-Blog – Really Short

µ-Blog – Too long to tweet, too short to call a real post

I was in a shopping mall the other day, a rarity for me. If you don't count going to see a movie, I can't even guess at the last time I was in a mall. As I was walking along, I saw a young woman late teens/early twenties with a couple in their forties, presumably her parents. I caught just a snip of their conversation.

Young woman: Yeah, he works out at the gym, like four and a half hours a day.

[Both of the parents got a slightly odd look on their faces] 

Father: Four and a half hours a day?

Young woman: He's really short.

I tried to put my head around that answer. Why would being short have any bearing on how long he works out? Does he have trouble reaching the machines? Does he have to wait for all of the normal-size people to finish?

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