Wednesday, June 17, 2015

White People Need to Stop Being Such Dicks, No. 1

I've decided to start a new category of posts called:

Yes, white people need to stop being such dicks.

What inspired this is an image that showed up in my facebook feed today:

Of course, my first thought was what a freakin' idiot, but about the same time that thought got out, I noticed the first two or three comments were, it's photoshopped, followed by, Actual photo:

It's one thing to tell a racist joke. It's another thing to tell a bad racist joke. It's entirely another thing to take a bad racist joke and pass it off as the truth. Now, I was just going to end it right there, but when I went back just now to verify what comments were made. I saw one more comment. I hid the identity with a black box. I'm guessing that's the closest the commenter has ever been to any been to anything black. And I sincerely hope that the presence of something black on top of them offends them greatly:

That's your takeaway from this? Even though it's not true and has clearly been demonstrated to be not true, it really is true. Thank you. You couldn't have illustrated my point better:

White People Need to Stop Being Such Dicks

Postscript (updated Jun 24)

It has been a week since I posted this. The person I know who shared this never acknowledged that the image was faked, and it is still up on her wall. When it was first shared, I looked at the original post (which also had comments indicating it was a fake). At that time, it had been shared 2,800 and some odd number times. Now, a week later, it has been shared over 13,000 time, well over quadruple in one week. Great. 

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