Thursday, August 27, 2015

TCMFF 2016 Dates Announced – Sturhann Tribe Coming to Hollywood

Yesterday, TCM announced the dates for the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival (TCMFF), April 28 to May 1, 2016  with passes going on sale in November. I'm sure that most rabid TCMFF fans already heard this and immediately started booking rooms.

For me, this will be my third TCMFF. The first year (2014) I went by myself, and this year I brought my 15-year-old daughter Jasmine along. I saw a post about the dates on Facebook at about 11 am yesterday. The first thing I did was check the TCMFF dates and against the Wonder Con dates. Wonder Con is a comic convention I work.

I was pretty sure there wouldn't be a conflict, because Wonder Con is on Easter weekend. However, for the last several years, TCMFF has fallen the weekend before Wonder Con. This means that if you are doing both events, you're doing two back-to-back long weekends of too much running around, too little sleep, and too much drinking. 

It's brutal, but for me somewhat doable, mostly because even though I am working at Wonder Con, I am working for someone else; i.e., I show up, and they tell me what to do. My wife, that's a different story. She also works for Wonder Con as well. The big difference for her is that she runs the Gaming department, meaning that she is way too busy to do an event like TCMFF the weekend before Wonder Con.

So yesterday at roughly 11 am, I was comparing the dates of the two events, and wonder of all wonders, TCMFF falls four weeks after Wonder Con. This was great news as it gives me a chance to to recover from the one event before hurtling myself into the next. More importantly this means that my wife might be able to go this year. I immediately called her, explained that Wonder Con and TCMFF are a month apart and asked if she wanted to go. She said, sure. 

I got on the TCMFF site and booked a room at the Roosevelt. When I booked a room last year for this year's TCMFF, I waited until about 5:30 pm, the day they announced the dates. By that time, all of the less expensive rooms at the Roosevelt were gone, and I had a choice between expensive room with a balcony or for another $80 a night, I could get a minisuite. The minisuite just seemed to make sense because I would be spending so much on a room anyway. Later on when I decided to bring my daughter, the minisuite was perfect for the two of us. She had the living room and a foldout bed in the couch, and I had an attached room with a kingsize bed. 

For next year I got more or less the same room we had this year. My wife and I in the bedroom and our daughter on the foldout couch. It actually works out cheaper than two separate rooms at the Roosevelt.

All of this happened in the 15 minutes or so after seeing the announcement on Facebook. Is it kind of sad that I did all of this before clicking Like on that Facebook post. Yeah, a little bit. The upshot of this is most of Clan Sturhann will be at TCMFF 2016. Woohoo!

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