Thursday, August 13, 2015

Faking a Victorian Mens Bathing Suit on the Cheap – Option 2 (No Work)

It dawned on me that there might be an easier way to fake a Victorian mens bathing suit. Seeing how horizontal striped t-shirts/tank tops are back in style, I thought maybe you could come fairly close to the look just with off the shelf clothing. Armed with this idea, I went off to Target. My idea was to find a cheap horizontal striped shirt and pair of shorts. I figured I wasn't going to find a shirt and shorts that matched perfectly, but if I found a pair of shorts that were the same color as one of the stripes in the shirt, it might be close enough.

What I came up with was:

  • Striped v-neck t-shirt (on clearance for $6.99)
  • Matching (sort of)  Haines gray jogging shorts (regular price at $7.99)

Total with tax was, $16 and change. The end result is:

Not bad considering it was under 20 bucks and no work involved.

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