Tuesday, January 20, 2015

µBlog – TCM Announces The Sound of Music as Opening Night Screening at TCMFF

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Today, TCM announced the Opening Night Screening at Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival (TCMFF), The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer hosting. 

I debated a lot this year on what level of pass to get. Last year, my first year attending TCMFF, I got a Classic pass, and I was fine with it. The big difference between the Classic pass and Essential pass (the next level up), is that you get to walk the Red Carpet, you get to attend the special opening screening they just announced, and a gift bag. There is a $150 difference between Classic pass and Essential pass and when you are buying the passes, they have only announced a handful of films, and not opening screening.

In other words, you have to decide whether not to spend the extra money, when you really don't know what you're paying for. If it's a film I really love, I figure it's money well spent, but if not.... Now, I didn't figure that TCM would pick a bad movie, but there are movies out there that are considered great that I just plain don't like. Breakfast at Tiffany's would be a good example for me.

To me, it was a crap shoot. You roll the dice in November when you buy the pass and have to wait a couple of months to see whether it came up a seven, a snake eyes, or somewhere in between. I laid down the extra money and hoped for the best. Today, the dice came up, and I think I'll have to call it a seven. The bet I placed back in November came up good. 

The Sound of Music is a great film. The songs are great, good story, beautifully cinematography, and hosted by two stars, the caliber of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. What could I possibly complain about? Is it one of my all-time favorite films?  Frankly, it would be pretty far down the list, but it is a film I love. It's one of the first movies I remember seeing as a very young child. In fact, I was so young, I only remember bits and pieces of the experience of seeing it in the theater. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the theater one other time since, in the 1980s I think.

Oh sure, my absolute dream screening would be North By Northwest with Martin Landau or The Sting with Robert Redford. The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer? I think I'll be able to deal. Totally psyched. I can't wait.

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  1. Glad that worked out for you Chris! The Sound of Music isn't a favorite of mine (although I have to confess I know all the songs) but it should be great with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer there. I, fortunately (or not-I doubt it will ever be matched) had my dream screening in 2012 with Cabaret, Liza, Joel Grey, and Michael York in attendance. It's a favorite of mine.